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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Reading Challenges for 2013

Not quite sure how this happened but I've gone from my first reading challenge in 2012 to SIX in 2013! Fortunately, there is some overlap so other hobbies won't suffer and I will see the light of day from time to time.

The Global Reading Challenge started me on this journey and really challenged me to find new readers in other countries. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will try it again in 2013. The Expert challenge is to read 3 books from each of the 7 continents (ideally, from a total of 21 different countries). Since the seventh continent is Antarctica, you get to choose a focus. I have set that one to be three books written at least 100 years ago. My additional goal is to try not to read from any countries picked in 2012.

This blog led me to several others and the world of reading challenges.

The Canadian Book Challenge runs from July 1 (Canada Day) to June 30 so I have joined it in progress. The challenge is to read one book from each of the 13 provinces and territories. I hope to stick to the mystery genre and will be using the site
to find authors.

The Nordic Challenge is my favourite! Read any Nordic author, no requirements, challenge has no deadline. Perfect.

The Mystery/Crime Reading Challenge has a monthly draw for a $25 online bookstore gift certificate and a secret prize to the person who reads the most books.

The Vintage Mystery Challenge is the most complicated but sounds rather fun. There are 30 categories to choose from (such as Colorful Crime, Dangerous Beasts, Staging the Crime). The books must have been written pre-1960 and if you complete the 8 book minimum, you will be entered in a year end draw. If you read 16 or more, you automatically get a prize.

And last but not least - I'm going to try for a bit of a stretch: the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge You are allowed to read any sub-genre of historical fiction but I am going to try and pick non-mystery historical fiction (maybe). My goal here is the 2 book 20th Century Reader.

I think my new Kobo Glo is going to get a good workout!


  1. Bonsoir! I'm very glad to meet another central Canadian and another passionate reader at that. :-) If 13 activities raise your eyebrows, I hesitate to divulge how many great themes tempt me this year! As we speak, despite readiness to sleep; I'm shopping on your page to see about others I haven't heard of! ~Warmly, Carolyn~

    1. Bonsoir, Carolyn!! Glad you found me. Just checked out your site, love the Canadian flavour. Glad to learn about the longest skating trail as I've always wanted to do the Rideau Canal one but figured global warming would ruin my chances; not an issue in Winnipeg though, is it.

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  3. Welcome to the Global Reading Challenge for 2013 Debra