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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review: Burial, Neil Cross (New Zealand)

Title:                                Burial
Author:                            Neil Cross
Date/Place of Publication: 2009/Great Britain: Simon & Schuster UK Ltd
ISBN #:                           978-0-7432-3141-1
# pages:                          291
Discovered by....I can't remember! my apologies to the blogger who "found" this author for me
Read in paper format
Also available in e-book format
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"The doorbell rang." and Nathan's bad dreams turned back into a nightmare.

After fifteen years, Nathan believed, indeed hoped he had seen the last of Bob. Their first meeting only occurred because the house in which Nathan rented a room at the time had no communal gathering area. The residents drifted into each other's room and in Pete the musician's room, Nathan met Bob, a Psychology student doing his PhD thesis on ghosts. After that brief encounter, Nathan didn't see Bob again for four and a half years. The next time they met would be at a party where Nathan's life would be changed forever and the nightmares would begin.

At first, the squalid and dreary life Nathan led was a turnoff which almost resulted in this book being left unread. However, it was a quick book to read and worth continuing to the ending that makes one go "wow". It is hard to comment too much without giving away some plot twists. There are several moments where you think "is the author really going there?" and sure enough, he is.

This is one of eight books, plus a memoir, that Neil Cross has written. He is also a very active screenwriter for shows in the UK and the USA, while living with his family in New Zealand.

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