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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Short Story Review: One Ashore in Singapore, Andrew Nettle (Australia)

Title:                                One Ashore in Singapore
Author:                            Andrew Nettle
Date/Place Published: 2013/e-zine “Beat to a Pulp”
Discovered from a book review at Mysteries in Paradise
Read online at
Link to author’s website:

A few days in Singapore to pick up a package for his Australian boss Mister Long becomes more of a challenge than Gary Chance expected. Jimmy Tan is lunching over his computer but brusquely tells him the package is not ready. The next day, Tan is more accommodating: could Chance perhaps help him out while he is waiting? It will take all his criminal wiles to get Chance out of a difficult situation.

This is a tightly written story, with crisp sentences and short paragraphs that still manage to convey the environment so well, the reader feels they are standing with Chance, smelling and hearing the same things. It is a modern plot with a fast pace. Definitely an e-zine worth following.
(Many thanks to the Criminal Plots III Reading Challenge for having a category for short stories!)



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